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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Telegraph to become OpenID provider

The UK's Telegraph is signing on as an OpenId user. OpenID lets you use a single username and password across multiple sites (provided those sites are OpenID participants). Apparently, 61% of us are pretty much doing this anyway, using a single username and password across multiple sites because we can't be faffed keeping track of them all and can't remember them off the tops of our heads. ReadWriteWeb wrote a good post about it last week.

Shane Richmond, Communities Editor, announced the Telegraph move this week on his blog:

"The Telegraph will soon become the first newspaper in the world, and the first British media company, to become an OpenID provider. Readers will be able to begin using the service from the end of February.

"OpenID is a decentralised registration system that will offer enormous benefits to our users. Once you have an OpenID login you can use it at any of the supporting services, including AOL, Orange, Digg and Blogger. Having to remember fewer passwords is clearly a very good thing.

"Yesterday, Yahoo! announced that they will soon begin providing OpenID logins too and the technology is spreading quickly."