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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Reporters on Facebook - the professional and the personal

Steve Outing offers some advice for reporters - use Facebook and consider having two profiles, one for personal and one for professional.

That way you can carry on sharing pointless-but-clever videos with your friends without risking offending your contacts. And you can set up industry links on your professional site that would likely leave your friends cold.

Meanwhile, Facebook is slowly gaining ground in NZ, where Bebo reigns supreme (Hitwise has some figures on that) but losing its wow factor in a couple of other quarters.

Silicon Alley Insider points to a skeptical Wallstrip take on Facebook with the comment: "This strikes a chord with us: After you get past the novelty stage, what are employed grown-ups supposed to do at the site?"

Then there's Bobbie Johnson who blogged on the Guardian about Facebook Whales - people with more than 1,000 friends on Facebook - being insecure. No kidding.

A mini backlash in the making? Who knows.