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Sunday, January 6, 2008

'Raw' video works just fine

Howard Owens talks about video taxonomy and what makes good video on online news sites: "raw is good; heavy editing is a waste of time". He's posted while reading Glut, Mastering Information Through the Ages, which I haven't read yet but have on standby for when I go to the beach for two weeks at the end of the month (smile). Here's an excerpt:

"Story video may have its time and place, but unlike some, I don’t believe that is the sum and whole of what online video can or should be.

"The point of quick-production, reporter-shot video should be to illustrate in a way that words alone cannot. Raw is good. Heavy editing is a waste of time. Context is a distraction. The point is not to capture the whole story. It is to illustrate a story."

I hadn't read Howard before but found him through Shane Richmond, the Telegraph's Communities Editor (and thoroughly smart guy), and like him because a/ he writes about interesting things and b/ he thinks George Jones's version of He Stopped Loving Her Today is the best country song of all time, which makes him okay in my book. I'm not sure it is the best, but it can't be far off, and I agree completely that no one could do it as well as George.