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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Telegraph drops podcast, launches 7 TV programmes

The Telegraph is adding seven TV programmes to its existing multimedia offerings.

Digital editor Ed Roussel told the Guardian the investment was part of the group's digital strategy. "The future of news on the web is in the combination of text, video and user-generated content. This development is a major step in that direction."'s new offerings will include weekly programmes The Gadget Inspectors, Your Money, Their Hands, The Wheel Deal and Real Trips. It already has a daily news roundup - Telegraph TV Now - daily business show and a fashion programme.

As part of a resource reallocation, stopped its daily news podcast and its Telegraph PM pdf download at the end of the last year, the Guardian said.

Glad to see the pdf gone. It chewed up a heck of a lot of resources for negligible gain.