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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

First question for 'Ask AP' is: where are the answers?

AP announces the launch of Ask AP, where readers can ask questions about the stories that interest them. "AP editors will choose some of the questions sent in by readers like you and get answers from AP reporters and editors — the people who spend their days covering the very issues you're curious about," the news organisation says on Yahoo.

Aha. Now here's how you go about it.

"So send your questions to newsquestions(at), with "Ask AP" in the subject line. Then keep an eye out for installments of the new Q&A column, where you'll finally get some answers."

Eh? Finally is the operative word. Clicking around Yahoo, and through to the AP site, I can't find a form for sending in my question, can't find any reference to asking questions, and can't find the Q&A column - not even on the site map.

Chances of me getting round to asking a question (with Ask AP in the subject line) and popping back at an undetermined time later to catch an answer? None.

Oh well.