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Monday, March 17, 2008

Twitter in 'Plain English'

The smart people at Common Craft have turned their talents to explaining Twitter 'in Plain English' to people who've never heard of it.

The video misses some of my favourite things about Twitter, such as being able to see what people are reading and follow the link they've posted so you can read it too - in other words that it's another window onto the online world. (In fact, thanks to @FND who posted this link on Twitter).

Nor does it mention the way you can build up communities of people who share your work or personal interests and pick their brains.

But it does a good job with the basics (as ever):


Jim said...

Hi Julie
I've finally had some time (over Easter) to set up my iGoogle reader and organise some RSS feeds, including one for The Evolving Newsroom. It's good stuff. Keep it up.