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Sunday, March 9, 2008

67% of Americans are unhappy with quality of journalism

More for the doom and gloom file. A survey by Zogby International shows that almost half of Americans get their news online and 67% are dissatisfied with the quality of journalism:

"For the second year in a row we have documented a crisis in American journalism that is far more serious than the industry's business challenges - or maybe a consequence of them," said Andrew Nachison, co-founder of iFOCOS, which organised the We Media Forum and Festival hosted by the University of Miami School of Communication - where the survey results got an airing.
"Americans recognize the value of journalism for their communities, and they are unsatisfied with what they see. While the U.S. news industry sheds expenses and frets about its future, Americans are dismayed by its present. Meanwhile, we see clearly the generational shift of digital natives from traditional to online news - so the challenge for traditional news companies is complex.
"They need to invest in new products and services - and they have. But they've also got to invest in quality, influence and impact. They need to invest in journalism that makes a difference in people's lives. That's a moral and leadership challenge - and a business opportunity for whoever can meet it."

Hmm, the report's a little short on suggestions on how to make journalism better but there are some interesting figures in there and Silicon Alley Insider's summary is worth a look.