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Monday, March 3, 2008

Balance in all things, even venting

A week or so ago I mentioned, a site designed for journalists to vent about all that irks them. To this casual observer the limited choice of adjectives on display is disappointing but the site's clearly hitting the spot - more than 1200 comments had been left at time of writing.

But now there's a new development -, where journalists can write about what they like about their jobs. Ah, now that's journalism for you, always striving for fairness and balance. is brand new, so last I looked there were just four comments.

Interestingly, while allows anonymous comments, requires a name. I wonder how many journalists will be game to publicly declare their happiness? (I dare you).

Also of note, was created by Joe Murphy, a programmer with some reporting experience who works with the online team at the Denver Post. Another great reason to bring programmers to the conference table - they're positive about the possibilities.