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Monday, September 15, 2008

How to sell newspaper ads online

I've touched before on the need for newspaper ad sales teams to get better at selling ads online. This post from Paul Bradshaw at Online Journalism Blog is a must-read on the subject.

He offers up "ten ways that ad sales people can save newspapers":

1. Stop treating web ads as second class
2. Stop selling adverts on static pages
3. Sell advertising against search terms
4. Give ad sales people access to the internet
5. Enable the long tail of small businesses to advertise without you doing it for them
6. Think beyond the banner: get creative about online advertising
7. Think about vouchers/coupons
8. Sell advertising aimed at the non-local market
9. Sell video ads, as well as the production of video content
10. Work in networks

Give it a read.

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