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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

A whale of a story, innovatively told

The Whale Hunt is a breath of fresh air in online storytelling. It's a winning trinity of interesting subject matter, compelling photographs and slick, innovative presentation.

Its creator, Jonathan Harris, stayed with a family of eskimos in Alaska in May 2007. He documented his trip - from packing his bags in New York through the hunting and killing of two whales - in more than 3,000 pictures (taken at 5-minute intervals).

I thought I'd look at just a couple of pics and move on. I ended up riveted. Didn't even bother turning on the captions, the pictures did such a good job. Who knew whale guts would be so compelling?

The pictures are greatly helped by the stylish packaging and some cool tools for finding your way around. Not everyone is going to sit through the whole thing in one go, but it's slick enough to warrant repeat visits. Not to be missed.