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Saturday, December 22, 2007

Abu Dhabi paper copies Telegraph integrated newsroom

Martin Newlands, a former Daily Telegraph editor, talks to Sky about the layout of the integrated newsroom he's building for a new English-language paper in Abu Dhabi. "I am, frankly, ripping off the design from The Daily Telegraph," he says.

That means a hub and spoke model with a central circular table where editors meet, and desks radiating out in spokes populated by various departments - arts, pictures, news etc - which are responsible for both web and print.

Gratifying to see the model showing up in all corners of the world.


Michel said...

Hiya Julie. You Tiddler Toddler is fabulous! (what Tiddlies need is a comments or mail-me section).
Merry Xmas!
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Julie Starr said...

Thanks Michel. Which reminds me, I must put a link on this blog to Tiddler Toddler...