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Monday, August 11, 2008

Obits: the good, the great and the hard to find

Chris Bourke, always a pleasure to read, has a nice post on obituaries - the good, the great and the hard to find.

He points to what he loves about obits - "the inclusiveness beyond the worthy citizens who sit on boards and get QSOs is a big part of the attraction"; where to find a good obit in NZ - "the master of the obituary is Peter Kitchin of the Dominion-Post, who goes to great trouble to research well-written obits of colourful, but often unknown, local characters"; and where you have to work harder - "you’ve got to really hunt for [the NZ Herald's] obits: who would think of looking for a feature on Alexander Solzhenitsyn on the inside-back-page of the sports section?"

He's also done a nice job on Isaac Hayes.