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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Telegraph sells ads at home and abroad

Every now and again you read something and think 'about time'. This (via PaidContent) is one of those things:

"After Mail Online’s about-turn, GMG’s launch and Times Online’s link-up, now the UK’s number-two online paper has decided to make money from the majority of its users that come from outside its native UK, giving AdGent 007 a license to sell its overseas ad inventory to international advertisers, NMA reports. Some 12.4 million of its 18.4 million users come from overseas, according to May’s ABCe, the majority of them from the US. Despite the big numbers, the majority of page views still come from at home."
Having a significant percentage of overseas readers can be a bit tricky for publishers - local advertisers don't like the idea of their precious ad being wasted on far-away eyeballs.

So it's good to see publishers figure out how to turn the problem into an opportunity - using geo-targeting and global agencies to sell ads in more than one market.