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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Top tips on covering conferences live

This just caught my eye on Twitter - it's top tips from BBC blogger Robin Hamman on the tools and services you need to blog live from a conference. Really good stuff:

1. Make sure you've got all the kit you need and are subscribed to all the services you might want to use. The essentials pieces of kit you'll want are:

  • laptop with full battery
  • charger
  • mobile, preferably with good camera and usb charger
  • optional: digital camera, microphone, recording device, video camera

The essential services you'll want to be subscribed to or familiar with are:

  • twitter
  • an rss reader (if you don't use RSS yet see this explanation)
  • flickr (for photos) and a video sharing service (youtube, bliptv, qik, etc)
  • optional: a blog, friendfeed,

2. Figure out what the conference tag is going to be and use it. Some conference organisers are starting to announce the conference tag in advance. In the case of Social Media Influence, a twitter account with the name SMIuk08 has been set up so I'm assuming that's the tag they will want people to use as well.

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