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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

I like this media player

I was taken with TED's media player this morning as I was listening to Richard Dawkins trying to drum up support for an "I'm an atheist and I'm proud" campaign in the US. (Thanks to @FND for the Twitter link.)

The clean horizontal container appeals to me (I can't wait for more web designers to embrace the horizontal form), with the clear information on the right-hand side about the video itself and about the speaker, and the nod to the sponsor kept proportionally small and bottom-right.

I like the way you can see (top left) when the video was recorded and when it was posted (saves me having to start playing something I've already seen elsewhere or that's too out of date for my purposes).

I like the way I can fast-forward using the well-proportioned scroll-bar, and that text markers pop up as I hover over the scroll-bar with prompts telling me what the speaker's talking about at that point.

All I need now is a way to add a marker to various points of the video that I want to return to or grab a sound bite from, and I'd be unspeakably impressed.