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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Wellington turns on the charm

Not only has the sun shone all day, but I've met more interesting people in the last 24 hours in Wellington than I have in the last couple of months (I should probably get out more).

As if by magic, before I'd even found my hotel last night I'd run into (almost literally, with my wheelie bag) a guy who specialises in business processes and is a fan of EPC (Event Driven Process Chains - used for mapping processes and workflows). That may not sound like much to you, but it brings the total number of people I know who use EPC to four. Me, a couple of colleagues in the UK, and this guy. Mapping workflows is not, as you can imagine, everyone's cup of tea. So the chance to sit down with someone and yap about it for a couple of hours was truly an unexpected pleasure. (My interest in EPC, by the way, arose when we used it for some web-print integration work at the Telegraph).

And I got to talk workflow again today. First, during a guided tour of Radio NZ with webmaster Richard Hulse, who impressed hugely with all-round affability and a pragmatic and user-friendly approach to systems development. Then with some people I met at the Dominion-Post who gave me an equally enjoyable look around there.

Next up is the Webstock conference, so it just gets better. Tomorrow's line-up includes Nat Torkington, Peter Morville, Michael Lopp, Sam Morgan and Jill Whalen. Can't wait. I'm toying with the idea of using CoveritLive to post from the conference; will see how things look tomorrow.

And all this workflow and webhead fun is set against the backdrop of rediscovering a really accessible city. I hadn't been to Wellington for more than a decade and had forgotten how user-friendly it is. When you're in the city, you can walk pretty much everywhere you'd care to go, and generally within 5 or 10 minutes. (In Auckland you have to budget 45 minutes to get anywhere). The waterfront is close and works for pedestrians, the train station's close and there's no shortage of eateries and drinkeries. Nice.


Simon said...

Got to admit, I'm a big Wellington fan too.

EPC sounds interesting. Any resources you'd recommend?

Julie Starr said...

EPC resources? I learnt the old-fashioned way - taught by a master. This is as good a place to start as any:

Simon said...